Sunday 17 March 2024

'I'm not buying anymore books ...'

I'm not buying any more books I said to myself when my credit card statement came in the other day, and I saw how many books I had bought from various places last month.  I paid the bill in full, as I always do, and set it in my mind to be good and have none on the bill next month.

Then Alan asked if I fancied going out for a spot of lunch yesterday, and as our café of choice was directly opposite the Save the Children charity shop it seemed rude not to go over and have a little peruse of the shelves.

Ten minutes later I came out with five books and five pounds lighter.  But the good news is they were paid for in cash and there will be no incriminating evidence present on next month's credit card bill.  😁

How could any book love resist these at just £1 each.

Sue xx


  1. It is impossible not to buy any books, surely? Books are a necessity for life! Have a great read. xx

  2. I used to have several of those 'Glut' books - long time ago now - can't remember if I ever found any recipes from them.
    Enjoy your new treasures.
    . Another wet day here so another good day for reading.

  3. And a charity benefitted too! Happy reading. Catriona

  4. Oh my goodness it's a good job you don't live near me, Sue, as the local Hospice shop sells books, ALL books at just 33p each! I just can't resist. In addition, the library sells books removed from their catalogue at 10p each ;) I buy, read, and re-donate as I don't have much room in my bookcase now.
    I've read the Katie Fforde one and enjoyed it, and like the sound of the Holly Hepburn one too :)

  5. For some reason the Rachel Malik book caught my eye, hope you'll let us know which of your haul you enjoyed 😍
    Alison in Wales x

  6. “I'm not buying anymore books ...” ha ha, good luck with that. 😘. This week one our local shops was trying to clear their shelves with “three for a pound”.

    You & books are as bad as me & fabric - and you will never hear me saying I’m not going to buy any more material even though I know I do not need it.

  7. I did have to chuckle when I read that you are not buying any more books,,,,, Great to buy 5 books for a fiver and once read I'm sure you will donate these or pass them on♥ I'm chuffed to say I haven't bought any books for myself any books this year, although I have bought 4 books as presents:)

  8. I was at Tesco this morning. On the way out they have a table of 2nd hand books along with a collection box for charity and a David Baldacci just happened to jump into my trolley!

  9. Hahaha I said that’s once and that year more books than ever came into my house! I’m mostly caught up now. I ordered a second hand Rachel Malik so thanks for sharing. That sounds like a great book. Danette

  10. I now hide my books on my ereader, paid for by gift cards that I get for Christmas. Still every once in awhile I purchase a new to me "real" book just to be able to turn the pages.

    God bless.

  11. My saving grace during any boring renovation work ahs been to download books from Borrow Box my local library. I'm working my way through all the Peter James 'Roy Grace' books. ITV are just in the middle of filming another one for TV. They have made a very good job so far which doesn't always happen when they move from book to screen. I'm just wondering which one it is?

  12. I rarely buy new books anymore. I did preorder one hardcover to help out our local Indie Bookstore that is struggling due to road construction through our small town. Otherwise I buy free to less than $3 Kindle editions or under $3 thrift store books. And when I am done with those, I donate them back. Matter of fact I am going through my large collection of books now and only keeping my most very favorite. I'm at the age of decluttering my house.


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