Tuesday 23 July 2024

Day Two - Forgetting to Take Photos ... and the Perks of a Long Snout


Here's the lovely Mavis showing what was left of my breakfast.  😄

I get five portions of yogurt out of one of these large Alpro tubs, so on the final day I simply chop my banana and spoon some peanut butter straight into the tub, anything to save washing up is good in my opinion.  Alan came in and asked me something while I was chopping and spooning so I completely forgot to grab the camera and get a quick photo of my breakfast in it's receptacle.

I also forgot to photograph my lunch but it was beans on toast.  I got this photo when I was decanting beans into my little Gu pots before the challenge started.  I had already eaten the contents of one, one was on the worktop when I took the photo of the food in the fridge and one is shown in the fridge photo.  So if you are following this ... I have one more left.

I find a third of a tin of beans is the perfect sized portion for me and happily that is exactly what fits into these handy little pots.

After lunch I checked through all the contents of the vegetable drawer more closely and decided to prep some things.  So the celery was chopped and washed and the offcuts put into a bag for the freezer to be turned into soup in the distant future.  The celery sticks are now in a Stayfresh bag back in the drawer.   The peppers really needed to be used so I chopped them up along with the squishiest of the large tomatoes and the garlic, added some dried herbs, spices and olive oil and put them in the oven to roast.

Later a portion of the roasted veg went onto some brown rice and I served it with the remaining salmon fillet for my tea.  

I have enough roasted veg for possibly two more meals in the fridge.  I'm thinking maybe a pizza and a quiche.  So that's day two of using what I have and making good use of what's in the fridge.  

Oh, and I did slightly better from the store-cupboard today, after all the beans and the rice both originally came from there, although these particular beans had been in the fridge and the rice lives in a large jar on the shelves once opened.

There are perks to being a Jack Russell with a long thin snout ... she can reach the bottom with a bit of effort.  Nothing wasted.

Sue xx

Monday 22 July 2024

A Nine Day Challenge - Day One


Well if this is going to be a Challenge I thought I had better take a photo of the fridge contents at the start of it.  I have nine days until the end of the month and I am really going to try not to be tempted to get any shopping ... although I have my emergency £3.70 if things get tough.  😄

Yesterdays food:

Breakfast - Two slices of Quorn Smoked Ham ... which I use instead of bacon ... on toast and topped with one egg.  Yes, that is one egg cut in half, and two small slices of bread from the freezer.

Lunch - I was hungry at lunch time so I used one of my three remaining potatoes to make some boiled potatoes to go with one of the fish fillets I bought last weekend, and a nice portion of peas.  I think peas are my favourite vegetable, luckily I think I have about half a bag of them left in the freezer.

Tea - For my nibbly tea while I watched a couple of episodes of Waking the Dead to finish the weekend off, I had the second half of my garlic bread, a salmon fillet and a rather large dollop of coleslaw, all from last weekends shopping trip to Morrisons.  I cooked both the salmon fillets so the other one is ready for another meal, although sadly all the garlic bread is now gone.

A good first day with a mix of fridge and freezer items eaten and rather weirdly nothing from the cupboard.  I wonder if this is why my store-cupboard supplies last for so long ... I eat from the fridge and freezer as a preference?

Sue xx

Saturday 20 July 2024

No Shopping ... Well Maybe Minimal Shopping!!


I mentioned briefly the other day at the end of my post that I had just £4.95 of my monthly food budget to last me until the end of the month, and do you know what, I have decided that I am going to stick to it.  😃

So in an effort to see what I had in fresh stuff department, I went through the fridge drawers to see how much I already had.  The vegetable drawer looks very good and considering I also have quite a few bags of frozen vegetables languishing in the freezer (I also sorted out the freezer during my stock check) I think I will manage pretty well.  

The peppers had me wondering a bit as I didn't remember buying them.  There's been a lot going on here, and they had obviously been hidden at the back of the drawer for quite a while.  Looking back at my shopping posts it seems they were bought on the 3rd June, and the little tomatoes are nearly as old.

The fruit and cheese drawer is looking a little sparse, but then I don't eat that much fruit really.  The little pot of chopped fruit were part of a Meal Deal that Alan bought the other day and gave to me as he didn't eat it.

I think I'll do just fine, there were just a couple of things that I really wanted for the end of this week.

So when Alan asked me if there was anything that I needed from Aldi I asked him to get me an Ancient Grains loaf - 99p.

Later when we called into Sainsbury's to get something for Mum, I picked up two bananas for me ... my only real fruit addiction at the moment.  They are cheaper in Sainsbury's as you buy them by weight, in Aldi they are 16p each regardless of size and when I only want a couple of small ones it seems daft to buy them from there.

Bananas - 26p for the two.

I needed a couple more as I have been having banana, yogurt and peanut butter for breakfast quite a lot recently to use up the big pot of yogurt that I bought last week.

So adding this £1.25 total to my £20.74 Morrisons shopping spree from the weekend, my final spend for this week is £21.99.

Which means that of this months £100 shopping allowance I have the grand total £3.70 to spend next week ... if I need to.  It seems that this has turned into a proper Challenge, and you know how much I love a challenge. 😄

Sue xx

Thursday 18 July 2024

Summer ... One Day at a Time

It seems that this year we are having Summer one day at a time, and I am determined to make the most of the odd sunny day.  The other day as the sun came out nice and early I pulled all the garlic from the centre of my raised bed.  It had needed pulling up for over a week really, but the weather just wasn't playing ball.

Pulled up and laid out flat to dry in the sun Alan said it made the garden smell delicious, sadly I still have absolutely no sense of smell since Covid so I just had to imagine. 

I moved the little Hydrangea and some of the overcrowded Primulas from the large pot into the space the garlic had just vacated.  Soon this long bed will just be flowering plants and shrubs, so it's nice to make a start on that with what I already have.

The little sunflower-like plant was moved from this spot and put into the large pot on the paving slab, I have a couple of little plants to put around it ... and a couple more Primulas, gosh I do seem to have a lot of Primulas dotted around the place!!

While all this was going on the washing was drying on the line, and Mavis was very sensibly avoiding the heat and watching me from Alan's open patio doors.

Later she had a bit of a pamper session at the groomers with her once yearly trim ... the one that gets her looking like a very smart little Jack Russell.  Next she came with us to the café along the High Street ... which just happens to be opposite a charity shop that sells lots of books for just £1 each.

Well you have to do your bit for charity don't you.  😀

Especially when one of the books was signed by the author to you ... it was fate!!

It was a good day, and hopefully Summer will be back for another one just like it very soon.

Sue xx

Tuesday 16 July 2024

Early Morning Canal Walk and Suky's Ashes


I'm trying to make the most of any even slightly Summery days, and there have not been many around here up to now.  So the other day, very early in the freshness of the morning I walked along the canal with Mavis.

She's still not used to being a lone dog, when you used to have a sister to sniff things out that you might have missed and let you know, it must be quite lonely to plod along on your own.

But the early morning fresh air and the light were invigorating, and we did meet a few other dogs on our travels.

Mavis still keeps stopping to look behind, no doubt looking for the Pug that was always ten yards behind us.  She checks numerous times on each walk.

Blue skies and moving boats, there's always something to see along the canal.

This boat was just mooring up as we approached.

If Mavis stops, I stop ... so I might as well take another photo. 

A few more steps and we stopped again.

I love the old bridges along our canal, I didn't know how much I loved them until we hired a boat for a week and passed under lots of them.  Virtually all were slightly different and all made of beautiful old stone, some with flights of old, worn stone steps up to the road beside them.

The half-managed wildflower garden near the steps that we use to get back to the road.  It always looks beautiful.

We got Suky's ashes back a week after her death and they are now in the old tin bath by my front door. I removed the few herbs that were left in there and spent a while transplanting plants from the back garden and then added last years mini Christmas tree for a bit of height. There are also some of Bella's Forget-Me-Nots taken from under the apple tree in the back garden.  

This way Suky can come with us when we move house ... and we can say hello to her every time we pass.

Sue xx