Saturday 18 May 2024

Days Three and Four


Day Three Breakfast.

Yes, it's the same breakfast as on Monday morning, so I'm using the same photo.  It's delicious, warming on these chilly mornings that we are still having, and keeps me full for most of the morning.  I had my second banana mid-morning with a cup of coffee, I wasn't overly hungry but I just fancied something to eat.

Lunch on day three was a cheese salad sandwich.  

I got a bit carried away with the lettuce, too much lettuce and not enough cheese.  My mind obviously wasn't on the preparation.

My tea on the third day of this little challenge was a nice simple one using up some of my leftovers.  The leftover mashed potato from making the Shepherdess Pies on day two, and the little bit of grated carrot and onion also leftover from the pie filling was turned into a basic coleslaw with a dollop of mayonnaise.  

This was a really tasty meal and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it just goes to show that a tasty meal does not have to be complicated in any way.

I do love leftovers.  😀

Breakfast on day four was two of my eggs scrambled and served on one slice of toast.  I haven't got any spread of any description for this week, so I used a small smearing of mayonnaise to moisten the toast a bit, it worked well.  

Simple, but again delicious.

My lunch was another of the Shepherdess pies, and again I'm using the same photo as I used the other day.  I have one large pie topped with mash left and the one that I left un-topped.  

Another duplicated photo, but my tea on day four was the same as my tea on day one.  Cheesy beans on a couple of small baked potatoes.  That's it, all my potatoes have been used up now.

Another good, and very filling couple of days.  

I realise I may seem to be low on fruit this week, but I just don't eat a lot of fruit as I much prefer vegetables.  I worked out the macros at the start of this when I sat and did my menu plan and everything was pretty healthy.  I'm averaging four of my five a day and getting around 50g of protein per day ... which is the recommended amount for women.

I'm feeling great and I'm very happy with my choices, which I think when it boils down to it is the main thing for me.

Sue xx


  1. Yum, only slightly drooling at your cheese salad sandwich, something I absolutely love. Unfortunately it no longer loves me and is off the menu.
    Seems perfectly OK to duplicate photos 😉, I have the same breakfast every day. Same reasons as you - I like it, keeps me full all morning, doesn't muck up my blood sugar.
    If it ain't broke, maybe don't try and fix it, variety can be somewhat over-rated.

    1. I can't eat dairy cheese, but the dairy-free ones are getting better, thank goodness.

      I nearly dropped my camera in a sink full of soapy water the other day, so I'm being more careful, if I already have the shot I'm not risking another. It'll wear off ... I'll be back to slapdash before you know it. 😄🤣

  2. I totally agree that if it works for you than it is good. I would find it hard to stick to as I like plenty of variety but that isn't the point, is it? And your meals look really very tasty. xx

    1. I've never been one for lots of variety, I like some things on repeat. 😀😀😀

      Maybe that's why I used to enjoy doing challenges like Live Below the Line and refugee Ration Challenge. The extremely limited food choices actually suited me rather than worried me. 🤔

  3. Tasty, healthy, filling food with no waste. Great result. Catriona

    1. I do find that doing this sort of challenges makes me focus even harder on using everything up sensibly. Not that I ever throw much food away, the furthest it goes is into the compost bin, if something is just too wrinkly to rescue ... gosh that sounds like me. ;-)

  4. I struggle to eat much fruit too, veggies or salad for me any day.
    Alison in Wales x

  5. That looks like a very healthy diet indeed.
    I also like routine breakfasts - toast and eggs or toast and cheese.
    You manage to eat well and save the pennies which in my opinion is what it’s all about. Well done! x

  6. I love leftovers as well. Warming something up is as good as not having to cook.

    God bless.

    1. It really is isn't it. It's as good as having a few hours off and having minimal pots to wash after the meal is brilliant. 😀

  7. Fantastic.. the scrambled eggs on toast are my jam.

  8. Those scrambled eggs look lovely! xxx


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